Louisa Ennis-Thomas is a mixed media artist, whose practice explores the cross over between painting and drawing, and drawing and sculpture, blurring the boundaries in between. Her creative approach often culminates in installation-based works in an experimental practice in constant pursuit of new surfaces, textures and challenging materials.

In 2011, Ennis-Thomas was selected for her first major solo exhibition at Cairns Regional Gallery as part of the gallery's annual LEAP Emerging Artists’ program. Earth Whispers explored the complex human relationship with the natural environment. These installation-based works investigate narratives of creation versus decay, preservation versus destruction.

Her most recent body of work is focussed on re-visiting parameters and definitions of nature versus culture, examining the intersections between the natural and the artifice, manufactured objects sitting against a simulated organic aesthetic and the contradictions and questions this juxtaposition imposes. This new work formed the basis for Ennis-Thomas’ participation in the Knock Knock group show Intention to Exit at Cairns Regional Gallery in Oct-Nov 2012 and later in a touring exhibition to Melbourne. Simmer: Contemporary Works from Far North Queensland featured at 69 Smith St Gallery in Melbourne, in February 2013.

Being awarded an ArtStart Grant from the Australia Council for Arts in 2012/13, allowed Louisa to travel interstate and to seek opportunities to expand her practice beyond North Queensland.

Her most recent solo exhibition, in/animate, opened at fortyfivedownstairs in Flinders Lane, Melbourne in November 2014.

She currently has works touring both within Queensland and nationally.

As a founding member of Knock Knock Contemporary Artists’ Initiative, she plays an active role in the development of artist-run, contemporary arts programming in the Cairns region. Since its inception in 2010, Knock Knock has established an on-going exhibition programme with dedicated community programming, with a commitment to collaboration, skill-sharing, establishment of mentoring relationships and the professional development of contemporary arts practice in the local region. Louisa Ennis-Thomas’s creative practice extends to both participation as artist and community-based curator for the group’s exhibitions.